• Marine Automation Services

    Main Engine & Auxiliary Engine

    • Design, installation and servicing of Safety & Protection systems of Marine Main Engine & Auxiliary Engines.
    • Main Engine maneuvering and Pneumatic Logic Control Systems servicing & overhauling.
    • Main Engine & Auxiliary Engine speed monitoring and control systems.
    • Exhaust Temperature Monitoring systems on Main and Auxiliary engine.

    Main Engine Steering Gear Control

    • Complete steering gear control system overhauling
    • Remote Electric control and monitoring
    • Alarms & Rudder angle indicator services

    Boiler System

    • Automatic combustion control system (ACC)
    • Boiler steam pressure control system
    • Feed water control system
    • Boiler safety & shutdown circuits
    • PLC, SCADA, DCS Based Control System Integration & Services

    Inert Gas System & Generator

    • Complete Overhauling & Repair of Inert Gas Systems.
    • Inert Gas Oxygen Analyzer
    • Inert Gas Generator Furnace Control
    • Inert Gas Pressure Control & Control Valve Calibration/Stroking
    • Inert Gas Oxygen & Pressure Recorder

    Marine Incinerator

    • Incinerator Combustion Control & Safety
    • Flue Gas Temperature Monitoring

    Marine Oil Purifier

    • Electrical Control systems of Purifier

    Oily Water Seperator

    • OWS Start/Stop Circuits
    • OWS 15PPM Alarm Monitor Circuits

    Engine Room Alarm Monitoring Systems

    • Servicing & Overhauling of All Leading Brands Engine Room Alarm Systems
    • Electronic Circuit Board Repairs
    • Testing & Calibration of Field Sensors
    • Cabling & Termination of Alarm Monitoring Systems
    • PLC, SCADA, DCS Based System Integration & Service

    Fire Alarm Systems

    • Service & Calibration of All Leading Brands
    • Supply & Repairs of Sensors, Calling Points, Alarm Bells etc….

    Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)

    • Installation & Termination of New Electrodes
    • Complete System Testing

    Pneumatic Control System

    • M/E & A/E Jacket Water Cooling System
    • M/E & A/E Lube Oil Cooling System
    • Viscosity Controller
    • Pneumatic Pressure/Temperature Transmitters & Controllers of all Leading Brands

    Cargo Oil Tank Gauging System

    • Service & Calibration of Tank Level, Tank Pressure and Tank Temperature Multi Monitoring Systems of All Leading Brands
    • Servicing of Intrinsic Safety Barriers and Equipments
    • Cabling & Termination of Field Sensors

    Oil Discharge And Monitoring Equipment (ODME)

    • Complete Overhauling & Repairs of all Leading ODME Brands
    • Calibration & Certification of ODME Measuring Cell
    • Fully Equipped Service with Spare Supply

    Gas Monitoring System

    • Servicing & Calibration Pump Room Gas Monitoring System (HC, H2S, CO, O2)
    • Water Ballast Tank Gas Monitoring System (HC, H2S, CO, O2)
    • Portable/Personal Gas Detectors Supply & Calibration

    Cargo Pump Pressure Indicators

    • Discharge/ Suction Pressure Transmitters & Remote Gauging-servicing & calibration
    • Supply Materials