• Marine PCB Design / Redesign / Repairing

    ACSPL is specialized in MARINE ELECTRONIC PCB design, repairing & redesigning or reverse engineering. Electronic PCB are integral part of any marine equipments and systems. As this products are keep on updating, manufacturers discontinuing old PCBs.Quite often, because of this reason ship owners are force to replace complete equipment. This required considerable amount of down time and money. We have group of talented R & D, design and service engineers who are specialized in marine electronics.We have successfully completed numerous assignments in INDIA and abroad.

    Marine PCB Designing

    Electronic PCB are integral part of marine equipments and control systems. Hence when a marine system is nonoperational often end up with a defective PCB which in no more in production with OEM, while e verything else is OK. If PCB is damaged beyond repair or unavailability of spares being too old... Solution is to design a new PCB for the same function so that original equipment on board can be used …

    Marine PCB Repairing

    When a marine PCB is defective, do not scrap it unless expert so. We have a computerized multi-functional repair station. One million IC data available. Whenever we repair an PCB, we leave a copy of data in our system so that next time same type PCB repairing is faster. We can program test jig for your PCB testing. Computer mapping for fast repairing. In circuit testing of Integrated Circuits (IC) IDDE (Integrated Device Development Environment)

    Marine PCB Reverse Engineering / Redesigning

    Redesigning or Reverse engineering is an engineering process which used to generate electronic circuit diagram from the PCB. This is the reverse process of designing and it is used when no details of PCB are available them is the need to replace an obsolete board that is no longer available from the original manufacturer (OEM). When a ship is become old by ten years, OEM stop production or modify the electronic circuits, hence replacements such PCB may not be available for replacement…

    Marine PCB Design

    We provide a comprehensive compurised PCB repairing service including

    • Cost effective repair (to component level) of a wide range of marine & industrial electronic equipment.
    • Significant cost savings compared to new boards, no inspection fee charged.
    • Ability to work with limited or no information / documentation.
    • Fast turn around and priority service for urgent repairs with a full bench testing repaired boards, wide range of test rigs available.
    • Permanently staff ed electronics repair workshop.
    • The latest electronic test equipment.
    • Highly trained & widely experienced Electronics Service Engineers. Comprehensive stocks of current and obsolete components.
    • Access to a wide range of component databases for current and obsolet devices.
    • We manufacture micro controlled based alarm panel for replacement for older system after case study.

    Sophisticated Computer Analysis

    It is a well-known fact that the high tech electronic equipment used in the marine/off-shore filed demand superior technologies and sophisticated computer analysis. Accordingly ACSPL has installed a State-of-the Art fully computerized electronic PCB repair station which has got latest diagnosing tools, software and programming devices for fast repairing & trouble shooting of digital, analog, mixed signal, microprocessor, micro controller, EP ROM, RAM , SMD, multi-layer of various marine electronic control systems.

    Trouble-shooting a faulty electronic circuit is an art. The successes depend on the knowledge and experience of the engineer on the job and with this work station as a tool can give you the best in the shortest possible time with no compromise on quality and only better result.

    Why does PCB Repair?

    It's not always practical or cost effective to return boards to the original manufacturer for repair. This is especially true if the equipment is obsolete or the manufacturer has ceased trading. Most of the manufactures upgrade their product periodically and stop production of old model PCB. Hence most of the marine PCB is not available with original manufacture for replacement. Even if PCB is available abroad, import will take long time which would not be afford by ship schedules.

    Why does PCB's Fail?

    Functional failure of components, Improper operation, variation of power, environmental conditions, component ageing, damage to PCB tracks are some of the common reasons of PCB failure. Survey indicates that norm ally most of the new systems breakdown within the first ten years.

    What are normal faults encountered in a PCB Repair environment?

    Functional IC failures, loaded power supply, input/output pins shorted to VCC or ground, multiplier shorts, faulty decoupling capacitors, Bus faults, fan out faults, Open/Short of passive devices, Track shorts/opens are some of the most common problems encountered in a PCB.

    The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was. -- from "Fortunes"

    Conventional Methods and Its Limitations

    Service engineer uses various methods and tools of testing which include conventional equipment's like Oscilloscopes, Multimeter and logic analyzer General Testing Out-circuit testing is performed which may either require the PCB to be connected to the original circuit / equipment so as to get the necessary input signals.

    This way the whole / entire equipment is required for the testing and may become cumbersome. An other conventional method needs to remove the PCB and test the components separately.

    This may cause some major damage as removing and re-soldering has to be done and even the PCB tracks as well as components may get damaged.