• Reverse Engineering of Marine PCB

    The need for REVERSE ENGINEERING OR RE ENGINEERING PCB's comes about for a variety of reasons chief among them is the need to replace an obsolete board that is no longer available from the original manufacturer (OEM). When a ship is become old by ten years, OEM stop production or modify the electronic circuits, hence replacements such PCB may not be available for replacement. Now a day’s most of the OEM is giving block diagram instead of circuit diagram. This block diagram is not useful for servicing of PCBs.Often companies employ us to reverse engineer their own designs, because they have little or no documentation for their own product or their current design firm or manufacturer refuses to release design details and manufacturing files.

    Another reason is cost. Some boards are considered proprietary by the OEM when in fact they are not; they are just too expensively priced. Re-engineering a PCB assembly can provide improved or added performance to an old process. New and improved components and techniques may be utilized during the reverse engineering process improving operations, maintenance and support. PCB reverse engineering is done by hand.

    We also use computerized scanning programs because we have found that too much of a circuit can be missed and you end up doing it by hand anyway. We believe that doing the job right the first time saves time and money. A design engineer checks the emerging schematic to see that it makes sense. All too often, simple common sense is all that is needed to avoid costly errors.