• AIDC 5000 Data Centralization

    • Real time data viewing in analogy and digital format
    • Touch screen enabled interface with colourful icons and graphical views
    • Data logging with custom time intervals exported into MS excel
    • Customisable home screen with the ability to display parameters needed to be monitored in either analog or trend formats
    • System can be customised to log data of any type of operation as per requirement

    Data centralisation is crucial for maintaining data integrity. It is an essential tool for modern day operations to improve data understanding and process efficiency.

    AIDC 5000 is the all new series of data centralisation solutions. It lets you view data in real time in analog and digital formats and allows you to log them into excel sheets. Its modern design lets you navigate through pages with colourful icons and intuitive touch interface.

  • Modern and Classic

    All parameters monitored can be read through analog meters as well as in digital format for better understanding and accuracy.

    A trend view for a group of related parameters makes it easier for comparisons and infer the performance of the operation carried out.

    Touch screen makes everything available at just a tap. It is a system thats built with the foundation of being touch oriented and so the interface is accordingly designed throughout the entire application.

  • A New Level of Customisability

    There is a window on the right hand side of the screen that lets you customise any parameter you want to visually observe in either analog and digital format or trend view. This screen is always visible irrespective of your navigations to other pages in the application.

  • Smart Logging

    All data can be logged with custom time intervals. And in the event of abrupt changes in any parameter beyond its set dead band, it is also logged even if the set time interval has not elapsed. This makes for a better understanding and analysis of your operations.

  • Take your Data anywhere

    All the data logged is exported into an excel document which can be copied and transported