• Marine Boiler Automation

    ACSPL provide the full range of services to all makers of marine burners and control & combustion systems. Our automation specialists perform inspections, troubleshooting, maintenance, service, upgrades, conversions, installations and personnel training.

    Moreover ACSPL offer tailor made solutions for regular inspections, pre-docking inspections and maintenance service agreements with focus on optimizing the burner and control System operation. ACSPL also has long experience with commissioning of the new buildings and commissioning of the LS MDO upgrade solutions. All jobs are completed with thorough instruction of the personnel together with a full report containing a description of the work executed, condition of the system and advice for maintenance.

    Multi-brand expertise… ACSPL has experience with different boiler control system like:

    • Alfa Laval Aalborg Boilers
    • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
    • Saacke Marine Systems
    • Hamworthy
    • Kangrim
    • Oilon
    • Weishaupt
    • Miunra
    • Riello
    • Volca
  • Engineering
    We have retrofit solutions to replace following controllers

    Our engineering division excels in preparing for larger upgrades and conversions. Design, calculations and modification drawings are conducted by our experienced engineers to ensure smooth retrofit execution procedures. A user friendly and high performance control system is developed after obtaining numerous feedbacks from our Service engineer on operation levels and fault cause analysis.

    We are specialized in the development of the software solutions for the PLC based systems and industrial controllers.All retrofit projects are executed in accordance to the ISO9000:2008 and guidelines ISO90003:2004.Our range of services also includes making of the electrical drawings, and project management.

    • UNISAB II for all AlfaLaval Aalborg Boiler
    • Mitsubishi MAC series.
  • Engineering Service MGO Conversions Products

    ACSPL-3210 Provide Product Model number Solutions based on the Automatic Combustion Controller ensures that systems which are not designed to run on dual fuel (HFO & LS MGO) have additional Fuel/Air curve for the MGO operation, ensuring optimum performance on both fuels. This is mainly used when present controllers are obsolete and this is installed as retrofit ensuring availability of spare parts in future.

    ACSPL-MGO-3225 SolutionsProvide Product Model number based on the MGO-Curve module product, which are prewired modules and cabinets, so we save time on commissioning.

    ACSPL-MGO-PCUare Pump Control Unit designed to ensure full automatic operation of the boiler system on both fuels. ACSPL-3215 Represents Boiler & Burner Management System, which is integrated system for the: sequence, combustion, water level controllers, master-slave operation, alarm and monitoring.

    Our solution is designed to retrofit obsolete PLC's for which on the market is hard to get spare parts and support. All components are type approved by major marine classification societies, and our development of software is conducted according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 90003 guidelines.

    Our solution also offers Boiler PC based Mimic Panel to ensure that our retrofit solution will be user friendly and easily adaptable for ship staff.