• Oil Mist Detector(OMD)

    ‘Akshay Controls & Systems Pvt Ltd’ (ACSPL) emerges ahead with a one stop solution for 'Oil Mist Detection System' (OMD). We have professionally trained marine control engineers for carrying out exclusive service, repair, retrofit of complete 'OMD' system.

    The OMD system continuously monitors the oil mist density in diesel engine crankcases for potential explosive conditions and early detection of bearing failures. It serves as an essential safety device which detects the build-up of oil mist, which if left un attended may result in explosion of engine crankcase ultimately leading to heavy loss for the vessel. Hence it is an important safety and functional requirement for the OMD system to be in working condition.

    The most popular industry brands installed on countless ships are the 'Graviner' and 'Schaller' series of the OMD system. We, at ACSPL have the necessary spares and know-how to service, repair and retrofit the OMD.

  • Benefits by choosing ACSPL

    • We have the genuine spares which are from the original make of the OMD system. Thus the parts that need to be replaced will be of the original make and not a local substitute.
    • At ACSPL we have capability to check the functioning of this system on our simulator facility for the various models.
    • We cover both the supply and service under a single umbrella, thus spares and service comes from one agency and thereby ensures compatibility.

    OMD Models that we are specialized with genuine spare parts

    • Graviner MK5
    • Graviner MK6
    • Visatron VN 115/87
    • Visatron VN 116/87
    • Visatron VN215/87