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'Make in India' - Domestic solutions for Marine Controls & Automation Systems.

“India has best minds.  It is time for tech-solutions that are designed in India to be deployed for the world"

When resources are limited, upgradation or retrofit of existing plants and machineries are the best options in factories and marine vessels.

When you are challenged with Control and Automation

  • Defective HMI / PLC / PCB modules
  • No OEM Support
  • Obsolete spares / High lead time / Expensive
  • Tight Market Situation


Your answer lies with ACSPL.

What is the benefit to the customer?

Since there is no brand tie-up, we are free to work on any brand without OEM’s business interest (sales target), thereby providing the most optimal solutions to our clients.

ACSPL- A initiative for Domestic solutions for Marine Controls & Automation Systems.

Why is ACSPL different from others?

We have spent the last two decades focusing in one area, enriched with more and more ideas, innovating further than the original…

Marine Controls and automation is not just a business for us, but our true passion.

Since the inception of ACSPL, we never settled to simply became a sales / service agent or representative of any OEM, which is the norm of most marine automation companies. All our business is without brand tie-up. Thus, we have the liberty and flexibility to give an economical and reliable solution to our client without being pushed  by them to meet the sales targets of the ‘Principal’.

We source our hardware, marine class approved modules from the renowned WAGO, which is a leading control and automation manufacturer and supplier to various OEM all over the world, while we indigenously develop the design and software. 

We use WAGO products as major raw material for our product / upgradation  as well as retrofit projects.

Who does the upgradation or retrofitting?

OEM or Technically sound field  experts?

Most of the time OEM takes this opportunity to sell the upgradation package which is as costly as a new product along with longer down time.